Aliens vs. Scourge AAR

The Scourge is an advanced alien race (minis sold by Rebel Minis), which look like metal skeletons 🙂 . In one of the planets controlled by the Scourge, the Greens, voracious aliens with a green agenda, have arrived to retrieve the world from technology!

The forward supply base of the Scourge was surrounded by hills and some vegetation. The location for the base is very weak in case of an assault, but my friend Tas and I were testing the FUBAR rules and my recently painted minis, so it looked perfect for the task.

Supply base setup
Greens coming from every side of the board

The Scourge

Elites: 3 elite scourge (infantry rifles, heavy armour)

Fireteam H(ot): 4 seasoned scourge (infantry rifles and 1 heavy flamethrower, heavy armour)

Fireteam L(ong): 4 seasoned scourge (infantry rifles and 1 sniper rifle, heavy armour)

The Greens

Squads of 6 seasoned aliens with light armour, but nasty razors (+1 die for close combat) and controlled by the hive mind (3+ activation, 2+ if assaulting)

We were testing the rules, so we just wanted to see how long the Scourge could stand the assault. They had superior firepower and armour, but in close combat the Greens were unstoppable.

TURN 1:  The Greens advance very slowly failing their activations. The Scourge open fire against a couple of assaulters, but cannot hit a thing.

TURN 2: A squad of Greens cross the vegetation, assault fireteam L, and engage in close combat. Casualties were not heavy, but those Scourge were now unable to fire at more incoming enemies, what proved to be fatal.

TURN 3: Fireteam H also receives an assault. The Scourge defenders were killing attackers at a good rate, but more kept coming.

TURN 4: The elite fireteam was also under assault by turn 4. Complete assaulting squads had been wiped out, but now all the fireteams were engaged in close combat. Not much left to do for the Scourge.

Fireteam L was down
Fireteam L had only the sniper left

TURN 5: Fireteam L was down and that side of the supply base was taken by Green forces. The other fireteams had lost more than half of their soldiers, so they were fighting desperately to last one more turn.

The remaining Scourge were now surrounded by voracious green aliens...
The remaining Scourge were now surrounded by voracious green aliens…

TURN 6: The defenders were now completely outnumbered, and the remaining Scourge fell to the Green attackers.

Green victory in 6 turns!
Green victory in 6 turns!

Great game which took us about one hour and a half. The rules are easy and fun to play, but we want MORE 😀 . We are preparing more scenery and probably trying the Tomorrow’s War ruleset this Christmas.


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