Random Inn Generator

I read today at EN World that the guys at Wizards have created a random inn generator.

I must admit I’m not really fond of these things. They are flavourless or just too random. I’m not even a fan of random encounters, which sooner than later end up as a TPK (total party kill).

If the party of adventurers wander through a forest for too long, rolling a dice to see what ambushes them is not my style. You will probably roll a monster which you don’t know very well, that precise combination of monster abilities your heroes are not prepared for, or something plainly boring.

Back in the days of AD&D you could find tables to generate randomly almost anything. People just kept publishing more of those, like the wizard obsessions, or the absurd 100 reasons why your adventurers are together. Why should you have fun finding yourselves the reason when you can roll some nonsense? It might be OK for a crazy evening of lighthearted roleplaying, but not for the standard play.

However, this random inn generator is something different. It not only gives you a name for the inn, it also gives you the atmosphere, topics of conversation, and a barkeeper. I feel it could be easily used to write an adventure around any of the taverns, the random events suggested or the name of the inn.

More than useful to place a random inn into your game, the generator is full of ideas and flavour to engage the players in the world you are playing. See a random tavern:

Locale (City)
Rooms Available (3/10)
Staff 7 servers and 4 bouncers
Barkeep Leovorian Kantiluthian (M, Eladrin, 210)
Class (Fine) Room: 2gp/day, Noble’s Quarters: 10gp/day
NPCs Present (160)
6 Bards, 43 Merchants, 11 Military Elite, 66 Nobles, 14 NPC Adventurers, 6 Priests, 9 Shady Characters, 5 Other
Today’s Special Roast antelope with root salad, Silvermoon mead
Atmosphere (Fun)
The innkeeper has decided to share a humorous tale or two, causing sudden bursts of laughter and the pounding of fists on tables.
Topics of Conversation (4)

  • A server chuckles as a customer whispers into her ear—something about a “moonlight stroll.”
  • There’s a lively discussion about where to buy the best livestock and what prices to expect.
  • The traveling minstrels passing through town are rather attractive. Especially the one in red!
  • Parents speak of their ire at their childrens’ dreams of someday becoming adventurers.

Randon Events (2)

  • The pitter-patter of rain strikes the glass of the windows, then stops as suddenly as it started.
  • As a customer enters, a gust of wind rushes inside, sending small objects flying.

©2012 Wizards of the Coast LLC, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Give it a try, and let me know what you think!


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