BloodBowl teams

These were painted a while ago, but I feel like sharing the pictures, so you can also compare them to my 15mm miniatures. These are 28mm scale, what means more details to paint.

BloodBowl is a “fantasy football” strategy game, with a great theme: ultra-violent american football played by fantastic creatures. Games Work$hop published it in 1986 using similar miniatures to the ones they were selling for Warhammer. However, they soon thought that the player just needed to buy a team, and the business was over, so they stop supporting it.

The game had a strong fan base, and lived much longer. In fact, since 2001, fans kept developing the rules, new companies produced miniatures for the game, and an impressive tournament circuit was set. You can find tournaments in every corner of the world, and even international tournaments are organized by fans. The main forum in Spanish is a great place to find players.

In the last few years, finding surprised that BloodBowl is a good business, Games Work$hop came back, licensing a videogame and giving more support to the board game.

The truth is I’m really bad playing it, because it involves rolling dice too often, and luck with dice has always eluded me 🙂 . But the game is so gore and funny, I cannot help liking it.



My dear rats. This is the first team I ever owned, and almost the first minis I painted. These pewter jewels are my favourite, and the only Games Work$hop origianl team. The ratogre is a Reaper miniature, but it fits right and is much cheaper.

Skaven team with rat ogre
Skaven team with rat ogre

Strong vermin (blitzers) to the right, gutter runners (runners) to the left, the linerats (linemen) in the center, and the ratogre and thrower at the back. I also painted a medic and a coach, which you can see with square bases.



Through eBay I got some Warhammer Fantasy miniatures and converted them to BloodBowl. It takes some time to remove weapons and such things, but the prices was so good, and the process so entertaining, that it didn’t took me much effort.

Chaos team with minotaur
Chaos team with minotaur

The chaos warriors (blitzers) to the front, and the beastmen (linemen) behind. My skinny minotaur, again from Reaper, is at the back. Some guys laughed at the poor soul in the only tournament I ever attended, but I find it more slim than skinny 🙂 .



Cheap minis again for the orcs, and some Heroquest goblins. The orcs were for one of the first editions of the game, and I modified them to show which position they were fielded at. I also have a troll, but it is still not painted.

Orc team
Orc team

Blitzers to the left, and black orcs to the right. The throwers behind and the two goblins in the front. In the game, the troll can throw the goblins as if they were the ball, what is an awesome move which rarely succeeds 🙂 .



I also have a lizardmen team, but I still don’t have photos, so I leave them for another post.


If anyone is interested in a game, please contact me 🙂 .



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