Games incoming…

I wouldn’t like to turn this gaming blog into a news blog, and copying articles written by other people is not my style. So posts like this will be rare.

Today I just try to point you to a few things I’ve read about this week, some exciting news and some interesting information or thoughts. If you like them, tell their respective authors 😉  and let me know we share an interest 🙂 .

D&D Next – Big headed halflings

It is easy to see drawing concept art as a purely artistic profession. When Wizards released their initial illustrations of halflings for D&D Next, they raised a lot of crticism.

Father and son with mushrooms
Concept art for D&D Next halflings

These illustrations didn’t match the “hobbit” look fans were expecting, and many believed the heads were too big.

For me they were a great improvement over “small humans”. A different anatomy and no more hairy huge feet. I couldn’t tell what made these halflings an improvement over previous editions fo me, but then I read a column by Jon Schindehette, the creative director of D&D.

Please read his view on designing halflings. It is not only a technical explanation of anatomy and concept design, it also explains the reasons why the halflings look the way they look now. And believe me you cannot disagree with him.

Conflict of Heroes – AI to play against

The Conflict of Heroes series are tactical squad level wargames, winners of many important awards. Wargames played on a board with an hex grid are usually rules-heavy neverending bardgames. It seems only grognards have the patience and skill to play them.

However, the Conflict of Heroes series display the perfect balance between rules with historical accuracy and playability. Games are usually below the 2 hours playing time, and counters are big and colorful. Rules are easy to grasp and you don’t need a huge tome at your side all the time.

Storm of Steel! game contents
Storm of Steel! contents (photo courtesy of Nambawan in the BGG)

I buyed the Storms of Steel! game, and is one of my favourites. The only problem is finding opponents 🙂 . And it seems I’m not the only one with this problem, so I got very excited when they announced they were developing a set of rules to play solo. Something like an artificial intelligence (AI) which decides what to do in each case.

You can obviously play with both sides, but hiding information to yourself is a bit too much. Back in 2009 people were already asking for rules to play solo, and the designer answered that they were working with a famous designer in a set of rules for playing solo. That was 4 years ago!

Now it seems they are almost finished. In the official web page there is no news, but you can read on facebook and the BGG that the game is planned for this year! Great news I wanted to share!


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