Tas’ rats vs. Tur’s lizards 3:2 (4:1)

A couple of Saturdays ago we had a great game of Bloodbowl! This is just a short description of the game, to keep it recorded. If you have any specific question, just ask!

Tas played with a skaven team:

  • Gutter Runner x4
  • Strong Vermin x2
  • Lineman x6
  • Rerolls x3

While I chose the mighty lizards:

  • Kroxigor x1
  • Saurus x5
  • Skink x5
  • Rerolls x2

It was supposed to be a blocking fest for the lizards, and dodge & run game for the rats, but my luck with dice had something to say… If you check the casualties result, ¡I suffered 4 casualties! while the rats just 1. I kept rolling skulls, and Tas just kept rolling 11s and 12s in the armor and injury rolls 😦 .

The lizards try to keep the ball in a terrible cage
The lizards try to keep the ball in a terrible cage

I’m not a great BloodBowl player, but I learnt a few things from the trial. The first one is to never play a Both Down result against Tas. It doesn’t really matter my player is a Saurus and his a skaven lineman. I lost two saurus this way.

Another important lesson is not to play with Big Guys, unless my luck with dice changes dramatically. The Kroxigor was pretty useless and was almost injured by the rats. They teamed up on him once my team was decimated!

Lizards team completely outnumbered
Lizards team completely outnumbered

We had fun and practiced the rules, which we don’t know enough. Not many more teams to try, it seems I need to finish painting my Humans…


3 thoughts on “Tas’ rats vs. Tur’s lizards 3:2 (4:1)”

      1. mwhahahaha…

        still not surprised. you can’t run away from fate, and luck will never be at your side. I’d ask you to record the statistics of both of you rolling the dice while you play next game (not just randomly). Just out of curiosity.

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