Schedule for the new Dungeons & Dragons

My plan was to publish this week a review of the Legacy of the Crystal Shard campaign material. It is a Dungeons & Dragons campaign which I’m currently running, based on the playtest rules for the next edition of D&D. However, I have to delay it. And the reason is that today we finally have the final release schedule for the next Dungeons & Dragons edition, with price tags and product descriptions!

If you want to know the details you should probably head to ENWorld, the main gaming community for D&D and Pathfinder. Or you could even go to Amazon and check all the new products in pre-order.


In summary

In July they will publish a Starter Set. It worked wonders for other games like Dragon Age or Pathfinder, and the famous first edition of D&D. An expected move that brings the game up to level 5 at a reasonable price of $20.

Starter Set cover

There will be a Player Handbook in August, a Monster Manual in September, and a Dungeonmaster Guide in November. Three books as usual. But these at a not so reasonble price of $50 each!

Two complete adventures are also scheduled for this year. Within the The Sundering story arc Wizards of the Coast is currently publishing material. This arc is leading all the game material and novels to the Tyranny of Dragons event. With the new edition they plan to release lots of material about this new time in the Forgotten Realms, including these two adventures. And the surprising news is that these adventures will be produced by a different company, Kobold Press!

The adventures will be 96 pages long, and will be priced at $30.

The new schedule also includes several sets of miniatures, sold in boosters of random minis. Each booster will be $20.


My two cents

Do these people at Wizards expect me to spend $150 in a single RPG without a setting, and without a campaign book? I got the 3 books of 4th edition at $60!

I’m sure the quality of illustrations and edition will be very high. Full-color pages, thick paper, etc. The new logo and typography chosen for the game are nice, and choosing Kobold Press to design the adventures is a sensible business decision. They are better than Wizards at it, and they bring a great reputation to the product.

New D&D Logo

If the production quality of the Starter Set is good enough I’m certainly buying it. The rules we are playtesting are fun, and the final version is surely worth a try. But $150 is an absurd price for this game, and with the minis they are certainly not targeting me as customer. You will need a couple more of books or heaps of work to really enjoy it, so it can easily go beyond $200.

What do you think? Have you playtested the rules? Are you buying any of the books?


3 thoughts on “Schedule for the new Dungeons & Dragons”

  1. What is actually changing? Will the game be more enjoyable or adventures easier to prepare? I cannot see the point to move from one edition to the next one if there are not substantial changes. £120 is definitely something I would not pay for. I would at least wait until the early adopters emit a judgement.

    1. This new edition brings some improvements. Character creation and leveling have been simplfied, what is good for beginners, and means you no longer need to master a mess of rules and options to play your character. The rules for roleplaying in D&D were never good, and later editions just patched them. In this edition skills, proficiencies and the non-combat rules in general have been streamlined.

      All in all, it is much easier to make interesting characters and prepare adventures. Enough to pay $150? Well, many people will buy it just because it is D&D. The rest of us, as you said, will wait to see the reviews.

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