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The Bioshock video game was published in 2007. It seems like a long time ago, but the good news is it will run smoothly in your old computer šŸ˜‰ . Did you play the first Half-life in a sense of awe and terror, turning every corner with you heart beating too hard to be healthy?Ā I did. And I also played Halo with a similar feeling of discovery, emotion and adventure. It was so easy to get involved in the plot. I found it hard to find another FPS (First Person Shooter) as good as those ones. Maybe the Mechwarrior 4, but my experience with theĀ setting also played a big part in that one. Soooo, why should you give this game a try?


Yes, it is a good story. A city on the floor of the ocean, genetic modifications, drug dealers, villains with a twist, and no heroes.

Rapture City from Bioshock

You get audio recordings while you explore the city, Rapture.Ā All the inhabitants still living in the city are totally mad, addicts to the substance which powers the genetic modifications. And where do you get this substance…

Little Sisters and Big Daddys

A key part of the game. The substance called ADAM is harvested from dead bodies by “little sisters”, little girls controlled by the maniac which set the drug business. And they are protected by mindless humans, genetically created to this task. You can kill them or help them. But anyway you will tremble with their cries, and learn to fear their protectors.

On your way you will also get some genetic improvements. They are special “powers”, and you can use them not only to kill, but also to get to special places, perform dirty tricks, etc. You can focus on some part of the game, like disabling locks and turrets, using the wrench to smash things like a pro, or throw balls of fire around.

Ā Challenging, but not difficult

Let’s be honest. I have a work and I cannot be playing computer games for hours anymore. Iwant challenging games but not to reload a trizillion times to beat that boss or jump to that platform.

If you pull your trigger happily and only want to use one weapon, you may face ammuntion shortages. If you like to visit most of the map, and don’t have problems using three or four of the weapons, the wrench will only be a personal choice.

The same with money. If you don’t want to hack the vending machines, and don’t collect the money enemies have in their pockets, you may run out of it.Ā I hit the $500 limit too many times.

Bioshock logo

Have fun! Get some genetic enhancements! Take photos! Hack security cameras! Shoot splicers! Explore Rapture! Learn how Frank Fontain’s drug dealing business ruined the vision of Andrew Ryan, and the utopic city turned into hell beneath the water.

And if you survive, come back and tell me how you did it! šŸ˜‰